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Control Your Drinking:

  1. Know your limits and keep them.
  2. Break your habits such as going for a pint after work or after a game of tennis or squash. 
  3. No one is expecting you to get drunk; keep it that way. 
  4. Drink to enjoy not to block your feelings. 
  5. Alternate your alcoholic drinks with soft drinks, for example,. after a pint of lager have a pint of orange and lemonade.
  6. Don’t buy rounds. It leads to excessive drinking.
  7. Avoid drinking if feeling low or stressed out as your will power is at its lowest.
  8. Go for low strength bears and alternating them with soft drinks if you are going to be in a drinking environment for a while.
  9. Always eat before your drinking session.
  10. Remember sensible drinking is about drinking 3-4 units of alcohol for males and 2-3 units of alcohol for females per day but not every day. 

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