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Improve My Sleep

1.       Do I get enough sleep?  It varies in adults from person to person from 5 hours to 10 hours, average being about 7 hours.  Body’s need for sleep decreases with increasing age.
2.       I need to get the “stuff” out of the mind that keeps me not only awake but also from being my true self.  This stuff could be unfulfilled wishes, wants and “must do things” that go round and round.
3.       Watch my Caffeine intake (cups of coffee and Tea).  Half life of caffeine varies from 2 hours to 12 hours meaning that for some people (Could be me?) 1 cup of coffee could last me whole day and if I drink more than that it would last whole night (keeping me awake).  As a general rule I’ll start by not drinking any coffee or tea after 6 PM and gradually drinking the last cup of coffee or tea earlier and earlier until my sleep improves.
4.       I’ll do regular aerobic exercise such as speed walking or swimming or whatever other activity or sports i like.  It not only improves mental health but also aids sleeping.

5.       Sleep Hygiene:

a.       Sleep and wake up at regular times every day.
b.      Use bed for sleep, not for watching TV or working on the laptop or living.
c.       Avoid watching interesting programmes on TV, interesting books, doing stimulating tasks or your work in the late evening.
d.      Read a boring book or magazine before sleeping.
e.      Have a hot water bath or shower before going to bed.

Brain Basics: Understanding Sleep


Click the following link that gives a comprehensive account of sleep.



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